U.S. citizens travelling to Brazil must have a visa issued by the Brazilian Consulate. Participants in FUNDAMED programs must apply for a type 1 or cultural visa. Here is a list of what is needed:

1. An U.S. passaport valid for 6 months from the date of entry into Brazil.There must be at least one blank page for stamping the visa into the passaport. If you have a new passaport, please be sure to sign the passaport when you receive it!

2. A passaport size photograph 2 x 2 (snapshots are not accepted)

3. A completed application form provided by the Consular Service (Also remenber to sign application once it is completed)

4. When completing the application form item 17, which says “purpose of visit to Brazil” you should write:
“Participating in cultural/scientific international people to people exchange program”

5. FEES:

Cultural Visa Fee                                       $ 90,00
Processing Visa Fee                                  $ 20,00
Service Fee (if applied via agent)            $ 10,00

TOTAL:                                                        $ 120,00

6. Payment can be made by company check or money order payable to Brazilian Embassy. Personal checks or cash are not accepted (forms of payment may vary from Consulate to Consulate).

7. Sample of merchandise and/or equipment taken to Brazil by bearers of TEMPORARY VISAS for a stay of up to 90 days may be temporarily cleared through Brazilians customs upon presentation of a notarized letter legalized by the Brazilian Consular Service listing the merchandise/equipment necessary for the perfomance of their assigment and declaring that said merchandaise/equipment will be taken out of the country upon departure from Brazil.