The main objective of the program Alliance for the Progress is to locate, ship and distribute donated products and goods that will benefit projects involved in community development, such as: medical equipment, hospital supplies, instruments, eye glasses, books, clothing, computers, educational material, wheelchairs and medicines for prevention campaigns.

This donated equipment located in foreign countries will be stored until shipment arrangements are completed. According to Brazilian laws, the donor organization must prepare a letter of donation and proforma invoice to the receiving organization in Brazil listing all the donated goods. These documents will then be sent to the Brazilian Consulate to receive the Consular authorization.

With the letter of donation, proforma invoice, consular authorization and technical description of the goods at hand, the Brazilian Government will allow for the processing of the documentation for duty-free status (means that no import fees will be charged for the donated goods). When the L.I. (License for Import) are ready, then the shipping is authorized.

When the shipment arrives in Brazil, federal customs and public health agents will inspect the goods and provide the authorization-to-import document. With this at hand, the shipment is cleared at the port/airport and shipped to the final destination.

All the reports and end-user records are the responsability of the receiving organization, such as: Municipalities, State agencies, non-profit organizations and foundations.

Here listed are some projects which FUNDAMED supports:

01. AGASALHO POPULAR (USED CLOTHING): Distribution of used clothing to the needy population in cases of natural and man-made emergencies.
02. VISÃO 20/20 (EYE EXAMS AND GLASSES DISPERSING): Campaigns for eye care and prevention and donation of eye glasses and intraocular lenses.
03. REAPARELHAGEM MÉDICA (USED MEDICAL EQUIPMENT): Donation of used medical equipment, instruments, hospital supplies, sutures, mesh, etc.