01 Official letter from the Guest Organization confirming the visit of medical mission / volunteers to Brazil 90 days Organização Estrangeira
02 Team members will send copy of their curriculum, medical licenses and diplomas stamped by a public notary 75 days Organização Estrangeira
03 Curriculum, medical licenses and diplomas will be translated by the Brazilian Federal University 70 days Fundamed / Universidade
04 Official letter from City Hall to the Regional Medical Board (CRM), along with translated curriculums, licenses and diplomas 60 days Fundamed / Prefeituras
05 Receive letter of authorization from the Regional Medical Board (CRM) in Brazil, and send back to the Guest Organization 40 days Fundamed
06 Send letter of authorization (CRM), passport, visa application and visa fee to the Brazilian Consulate 35 days Organização Estrangeira
07 Guest Organization will send to Fundamed packing list of all medicines, supplies and equipments being brought to Brazil 30 days Organização Estrangeira
08 Fundamed will request Customs authorization from the Ministry of Health and Customs Authorities for temporary import licenses 25 days Fundamed / Prefeitura
09 Guest Organization will receive back passports with visa from the Brazilian Consulate and will distribute to mission members 20 days Organização Estrangeira
10 Fundamed will receive Customs authorization and clearance from the Ministry of Health and from Customs Authorities 15 days Fundamed