Prevention campaigns, in partnership with local agents (Brazilian Municipalities) and international institutions (funding organizations and foreign governments), have a primary objective to involve as many organizations as possible including local entities, social partners, churches, volunteers and the media in order to maximize all the efforts and reach as many people as possible, including the education aspect of the campaigns.

These campaigns will be scheduled taking into consideration the national calendar of prevention campaigns in order to utilize as best as possible the media being generated by these events.

Domestic and international sponsors will provide logistical support in order to guarantee the continuity of the campaigns. These funds will support all the necessary logistical costs including: marketing campaign, designing, distribution, t-shirts and caps, pamphlets and posters, support personal, and other expenditures.

Priority Prevention Campaigns:

01. Public School Physical Examination Campaign:

02. Vision Health Campaign (Visão Total 20/20):

03. Diabetes Diagnosis and Prevention Campaign:

04. Breast Câncer Prevention Campaign:

05. AIDS Prevention Campaign:

06. Uterus Câncer Diagnosis and Prevention Campaign:

07. Breast Feeding Campaign:

08. Lung Câncer Prevention Campaign (Anti-Tabagism):

09. Heart Disease Diagnosis and Prevention Campaign:

10. Hypertension Diagnosis and Prevention Campaign:

11. Blood Donation Campaign:

12. Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Prevention Campaign:

13. Traffic Education Campaign:

14. Work Related Accidents Prevention Campaign:

15. Dental Hygiene Campaign:

16. Deworming and Education Campaign: